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Meteorologists study weather patterns to predict upcoming changes and hazardous conditions such as storms. Volcanoes - Types / Case Studies..... Information on the rights of children and young people. This site also has other aspects of history. Information about Coventry City Council's Flickr page. All content © 2018 Coventry City Council. Website for Cats' Protection, the UK's leading feline welfare charity. Useful resource for learning English and Maths skills - aimed at adult learners. National Museum of the Performing Arts at the V&A. Official site for this children's charity. The 1911 census is a record of everyone who lived in England and Wales in 1911. A useful site about Charles Dickens. The British Youth Council - the voice of young people in the UK. This site has lots of books to help children through different situations e.g. Revision help and careers advice. A great website for finding out about your favourite authors and the books you love to read. BBC site with lots of information on Vikings for 7-9 year olds. Information about Coventry City Council's YouTube channel. A history of the English Monarchy with profiles of the most interesting monarchs. Brazil - Factfile / Regions / Teacher's resources..... Search by country or by world map, lots of geographical information.

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Good coverage of all eras in history and timeline of monarchs. British sign language and alphabet. BBC website with many facts on religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Atheism. Weather and climate - Rain / Pressure / Hazards..... A Government-backed internet security campaign. This has lots of information on Chinese New Year including history, nyc public school homework help symbols and traditions. Gross experiments and yucky fun! Official website of English netball with lots of information on the sport, news, games fixtures and how to play the sport. Links to over 1700 useful sites based on UK curriculum requirements. Guide to performers and ballet companies. The information is limited but has lots of different topics. Information on percentages, angles, measurements with a handy maths dictionary. Maps and geography homework help. Lots of links to a wide variety of topics including Dinosaurs, Astronomy, Health, Art and Technology. This site covers everything from Fossil Fuels to Wind Power. Famous people in history, speeches and eras from Tutankhamen and dinosaurs to ancient Rome and events happened this day in history. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals online. Expert Information and advice on keeping reptiles such as lizards, turtles and snakes. Free birth, marriage and death indexes – not complete. Glaciation - Erosion / Landforms / Case Studies..... This has poems by children and adults, ideas for writing, jokes and games.

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Quick Reads are brilliant, short books by bestselling writers and celebrities. From historical censuses and parish records, to military records and passenger lists, your family's past is waiting to be discovered. Warwickshire births, marriages and deaths are searchable. I have just had a gander at your resources - they look amazing. How to use Facebook's privacy settings. Keep up to date on news from the world of football. Lots of really useful information. Climate describes average weather conditions over longer periods and over large areas. A site suitable for teenagers giving recent environmental news. Site of the London Transport Museum detailing 200 years of London's transport history including horse and electric trams and underground trains. Personal accounts from survivors of the concentration camps. This website includes online wills (to 1858), Death Duty indexes, WW1 medal cards, National Register of Archives. For everything on football's FA Cup and competitions, the latest on women's football, plus plenty on the English national side. A site that lets you work through maths problems and get the answer. Find out about services for refugees and asylum seekers; including children's services, integration and voluntary returns info. A simple site about what it was like growing up during WWII as a child. Suggested learning resources from the BBC. Find out about Ancient and Modern Olympics. All the latest news about matches, players and interviews from the Coventry City website.

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The A2A database contains catalogues describing archives held locally in England and Wales and dating from the eighth century to the present day. Earthquake - Cause / Effects / Case Studies..... A very detailed site with maps, memoirs, battlefields and a Who's Who and covers many topics around WWI. I am delighted to welcome you to the Bishop Thomas Grant School website, homework help year 7 maths which has been designed to ensure it provides the essential information for all our current and future stakeholders and to capture the real essence of our distinctive school. Plate Tectonics - Ring of Fire / Fold Mountains.... Lots of information on World History. Information on life in Ancient Egypt, mba coursework help including a Hieroglyphs section which translates words and numbers.